The SECRET to BREAKTHROUGH in your Music Career!

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[Date] 13th Aug 2020 or 19th Aug 2020
Time] 8:00pm – 10.00pm (2.0 hours)

Workshop will be conducted via Zoom



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Discover how to have both Money and Passion in your life through a Music Business

Many music people find it challenging to balance between making money from a music business versus pursuing their musical passion.  In this 2 hour interactive and thought provoking workshop, we share the secret to having both MONEY and PASSION – and the common reasons why so many are unable to achieve the success they are looking for.

You will discover the formula to gain the freedom that you want, while still being able to increase your income, and also what may have been holding you back from getting the results you want – even though the opportunities have been there.

If you would like to find out how to have more MONEY and time, energy and freedom to pursue your MUSIC PASSION, then this FREE workshop is for you!

Learning outline

  • Understand 7 key areas in your business that can result in your business getting stuck
  • Discover the ONE underlying concept that can make or break your music business
  • Understand the POWERFUL concepts that will allow you to have MORE SUCCESS and yet also MORE TIME in your business, while also giving you LESS STRESS.
  • Learn what it is that keeps many music people STUCK even though opportunities are there for them – and what you can do to BREAK that cycle.

Suitable Learners

  • Music teachers and Music School Owners who want to have MORE in their lives – MORE MONEY, MORE FREEDOM, MORE PASSION
  • Music teachers and Music School Owners who want LESS STRESS, LESS WORRIES, LESS RESTRICTION

Trainers Profile


Kee Tzuen and Gin Hai are not just business consultants, trainers and coaches, but also entrepreneurs who had previously built their passion into a multi-million ringgit business.

Coming from backgrounds as National Swimmer and National Swim Coach, they went on to found and grow several education and passion based businesses. One of the keys to their success was the combination of understanding people and passion as well as their logical and systematic background from Computer Science, Engineering and Business Management.

Today, as part of the ACMF Group, they focus on helping business owners like yourself to achieve their dreams, both in terms of business growth as well as time and stress freedom. Together with their colleagues, they work with companies to develop their business strategies, monetization methods, profitability, team effectiveness and growth, and much more.

Some of the things that participants really like about their previous programs is how they make the concepts easy to understand, and how they make what they teach very practical and easy to be applied in the real world.  Kee Tzuen and Gin Hai are very focused on creating results for the participants, and some are even on track to double their revenue within 1 year.


“As a musician, business and entrepreneurship mindset are never my strongest. In the two years of setting up the Musicpreneur Malaysia platform to inspire more musicians, I found that without a good system and team management, it is difficult to help more children who like music. At the time, I felt that I often encountered bottlenecks.
In this confused time, I thought of this big brother, Gin Hai. His entrepreneurial background is something I have always admired. From the beginning of one person to the management of hundreds of people, the wisdom and experience of step by step, I believe that I can give me the most practical advice. So when I think about business and corporate mentor, I will think of him. His selfless sharing made me see that he is a mentor with a sense of mission. I hope he can continue to bring this mission to help more entrepreneurs!”
Media Personality
Founder of Musicpreneur Program,
Founder and Director of Serene Music Academy

“Gin Hai has been an instrumental business coach and mentor to our company, Cheer Aspirations. We went from lacking vision, clarity and structure with our business to being the number 1 cheerleading company in Malaysia. In the past few years, we have achieved year on year growth in revenue and profits, and improvements in systemisation, team synergy and company culture, all thanks to Gin Hai!”
International Cheerleading Coach and Judge
Founder and Director of Cheer Aspirations

I would like to personally thank Gin Hai & Kee Tzuen. Their coaching helped me identify and implement new strategies that allowed me to take my business to a new level.
Coupled with their experience in the sports industry, they provide valuable guidance and perspective and their passion is evident in every session. All of this, in addition to their kindness and friendship, makes recommending them to others such a joy. I could not do so more highly.
Lee Pui Yee
Event Director
Michael’s Badminton Academy

“What I like the most about the program is the trainer himself – Gin Hai! He is trainer who walk the talk!
With his analysis, I was able to breakthrough and found the solution to expand my business.  [The] follow up coaching sessions after the training [also] make sure what we learned are applied.  No doubt, I would recommend the business owners around me to seek for bigger possibilities and dreams with [their] training and coaching program!”
Damon Choy,
Founder & Director of Brain Bees Mandarin House

“Before I joined, I thought that Business Success Program should be very theory and boring perhaps… but this is really impressive! Never expect that !
Productive, systematic, hands-on solution… VALUABLE! Thanks!”
Tracy Lim
Founder & Principal, Han Dy Consultancy
(International Mandarin Classes)

“A testimonies for all the sifus here. Right after the class I did some pivoting on my business and did a intensive search and call to let my clients know that my company pivot to [confidential] items as well.
Thank God. Everything came in to place. Met the right people. Spoke to the right people. Long story short… Got 2 deals. 1 deal is Client A – Total revenue RM100k cash term, fully paid. Next order, finger cross with them RM500,000 deal. And another client in Malaysia.. One of the largest [confidential] manufacturer in Malaysia. Total revenue RM65k. So basically in total RM165k.
And currently thanks to Gin Hai, I’m on talk with his connection to deal one big deal with my China friend. But not confirmed yet. Finger cross! Kam sia all sifu here! 😊!”
Desmond Chin
Founder of DCC Marketing

“With a step by step guidance… I have managed to work with more and more people who values my service and align with my company’s mission. I highly recommend Gin Hai to be your business mentor because he is caring and will encourage you to try new ideas that can be applied immediately in your business!”
Joyi Cheah, 
Founder & Principal Consultant of JCIP

“It’s a great platform to learn and put our business model in place. Before the program, I am facing uncertainties and fear of what to do next during this pandemic. After the program I became more confidence to face whatever obstacles I may face.”
Maggie Liew
Founder, Spring Bouquets

“Before the program, we are worried and no idea what to do. After attending the session, we can analyse our business in more details, and plan out the strategy supported with facts.”
SL Lai
Executive Director, Globalmation Sdn Bhd


Q: What do I need to have for this preview?
A: You will need a Zoom account, computer/mobile device and earphones, and a decent data/broadband connection as well as a quiet place so you can focus.Also, do prepare some paper and pen so that you can take notes as well as write down answers to certain questions that we will ask as part of the activities.

Q: What will I be able to do after attending this online workshop?
A: You will: 
i) be better able to plan your actions to move your business forward;
ii) have the awareness to be able to start getting more breakthrough on your mindset;
iii) be able to start building your path to greater freedom and success

Q: Is this workshop suitable for musicians?
A: Yes, in fact what we will be sharing are powerful concepts that can be applied to many industries and careers.

Q: English is not my strong language, will I still be able to benefit from the workshop?
A: Yes, we will not be using very complicated language. Also, if you do not understand some parts and would like some translation into Malay or Mandarin, you can always ask and we will be happy to translate for you.

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