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【Online Workshop Details】
[Day] Wednesday
[Time] 2.00pm – 3.30pm (1 hour 30 minutes)
[Pax] unlimited
[Online Classroom] Instructor will send the Meeting Link through email & you can attend the class through any device with access to the Internet and Zoom conference software or app.

All class shall be registered by 4pm one day prior to the selected date




I am facing problems recording my student’s work to be submitted for the exam

● I do not know how to set up equipment for my home studio
● I wish to know how the recording is to be done for my student exam submission
● I have problems listening to my student’s work through online teaching

【Online Workshop】

Setting up a home recording studio to make music is a basic ability for modern musicians, but in order to achieve market-quality works, you must first know the music production process and not miss every step to complete the work. When Ms. Serene was an assistant in a recording studio 19 years ago, many people told her that the music business was not suitable for girls to run, especially the part of arrangement recording. As a young entrepreneur, she chose the path of independent music and won the “Best Independent Original Song Award” in the 2008 Entertainment Association Awards. In order to prove that independent music can make a career, and to encourage more people to start independently like her, she started a music school, Serene Music Academy, Malaysia’s focusing on training students how to set up a home recording studio to produce their own songs. Today, her student works can be heard on all major platforms around the world. They made music for films, made theme music for commercials, composed music for fashion shows, sound effects for game music, remade school songs, record and wrote for celebs, work on dubbing for TV and Jingles, made environmental music for theme parks, and many more. Wait… In the most authentic case, pass on all this knowledge to those who want to make music independently. It all starts from home!

Serene Cheam

19 years of Experience in Education of Music Technology

The founder of Musicpreneur Malaysia. Serene has been in the music industry for more than 17 years. Her huge portfolio includes teaching, judging, brand endorsements, film scoring, and music production for both herself and various other artists. To date, she has up to 98 releases available across all major digital platforms and 250 commercial productions released on press, media. She has been featuring and interviewed in more than 400 media exposures, includes local and China media such as CCTV. She tours and speaks for more than 100 talks in music schools, colleges & universities to share the concept of “Transforming Music into Career”. She works closely with the local media as well as M-Centre, a group of music schools in Malaysia, striving to inspire young and budding musicians, assisting them to navigate their way through the music industry.

Music Works

►《I’m Not Serene》2007 First Album
►《I’m Not a Star》 2008 Song Producer for TV Drama of Media Corp, Singapore
►《Smoke Free》2009 – 1 Malaysia Singer & Producer
►《I’m Not Solo》2010 Malaysia first Sacapella(Solo-A-cappella)Debut
►《The Day after Tomorrow》2012 Single song release
►《Ta》+《Music is My Source of Income》Book Publication

Industry Portfolio

🚩Music Director of Malaysia Creative & Cultural Business Industries Association
🚩1Malaysia《Smoke-Free》Ambassador & Singer
🚩Judge panel for《Anugerah Muzik Industri》
🚩Founder & CEO of Musicpreneur Malaysia
🚩Founder & Consultant of Serene Music Academy
🚩Ambassador of《I’m FINished》Malaysia
🚩Brand Ambassador of 《HTC U Ultra》Malaysia
🚩Council of Association 9 Major Arts and Culture Malaysia
🚩Singapore《Know Your Voice》SkillsFuture Trainer
🚩Malaysia《Master Piano》Coach
🚩Ambassador & Singer for《XtheHaze》Campaign Endorse by WWF
🚩《International China Songwriting Comptition》Music Producer & Judge
🚩2020 BritishPedia Media《Successful People in Malaysia》

Suitable learner

✅ Music Teachers who wish to set up a home studio
✅ Music Teacher who face problems with online music teaching equipment setup
✅ Music Students who wish to explore music recording
✅ Music School who wish to set up the workstation as facilities for the learning center
✅ Musicians who wrote songs and wish to set up a home recording studio to produce music

What You Will Learn

① 9 Equipment you must know to set up a home studio
② How to choose the equipment that suits you? Where can you buy it at a discount?
③ Acoustic Treatment for recording studio at home
④ How sounds work
⑤ Signal flow must know to set up your home studio

► Free samples guide PDF.


1. I am pretty bad at computer and technology, is the workshop conduct in a very technical way?

  • No, the trainer will share info and concept by showing a lot of pictures to make everyone adapt and understand easily.

2. Do I need to prepare a computer or laptop during the workshop?

  • No, just join, sit and relax for the entire session. What you need to do is prepare with questions, as there will be a Q&A session at the end of the workshop.

3. I had previously attended a similar workshop like this but I am still not able to set up my home studio, will this workshop guide us step-by-step to work on it?

  • A signal flow will show you clearly how a home studio is being set up. We do provide personal consultation services too after the workshop. Instead, there is also short course and part-time course that are available to teach to how to program music, record music step by step until you are able to produce your very first recording work.
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