1 easy step to make your song 10 times better [Online Workshop]

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【Online Workshop Details】
[Day] Oct 24 (Saturday)
[Time] 8.00pm – 9.00pm (60 Minutes)
[Pax] Unlimited
[Online Classroom] Instructor will send the meeting link through email & you can attend the class through any device with access to the Internet and said conference software or app.

All class shall be registered by 4pm one day prior to the selected date




1 easy step to make your song 10 times better

【​Open for online learning now!】

Have you ever tried playing a song with the same progression over and over again? Time to spice things up.

Dominant chords are widely used in Blues music, but do you know that with Dominant chord, you can make a regular song sound 10 times better? In this workshop, you will learn about the different functions of Dominant chords. 😉

Live Musician, Teacher

Andrew has been playing music for around 18 years and graduated from UCSI with a Bachelor Degree in Contemporary Music. He has been working along with multiple music centres such as Concerto Music, Drumstore, Roland Music and more, playing and collaborating with multiple musicians in Malaysia such as Farid Ali, Jordan River, Gina Panizales and more.

He is a live musician with experience playing in multiple gigs around the cities such as Penang Jazz Festival, Weddings, Corporate events, NoBlackTie, Backyard, Alexis and more.

Besides performing, he has been teaching for over 10 years with up to 500 students along the way ranging from 6 years old to 68 years old. With experiences throughout the years, he has built multiple teaching materials to suit different groups of students.

Suitable Learner

✅ Beginner with basic understanding of dominant chord

✅ Musician or teachers

What you will learn?

Understand the functions of dominant chord

Learn about secondary dominant & ways to reharmonize a song with secondary dominant

Get to know the application of dominant chord


【Additional Value】

⭕️Course materials (PDF)


1) Is this for beginners without any theory knowledge?

This workshop requires at least basic understanding of dominant chords, but if you wish to hear it out before being able to play it, you’re welcome to join us.

2) Do I need to prepare an instrument for the workshop?

It will be good to have an instrument, but it is not necessary.

3) What instrument will be used as a teaching medium throughout the workshop?

Instructor will be using a guitar. But teachings can be applied to any other instrument.

4) What if I have questions during the workshop?

In order to make sure that the workshop runs smoothly, all questions shall be answered after the workshop. If it is too late, you may WhatsApp/Call me.

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