This is a course suitable for beginner.

Learn the basic playing skills, rhythm, hearing and notes reading.

Classes is conducted in one-to-one basis, duration 45 mins.

📍    Manda Learning Centre  Location : Bandar Mahkota Cheras

📞  Kindly contact 0172207099 for further questions

*Physical face to face lesson. Music Instrument provided during the class.

All class shall be registered by 4pm one day prior to the selected date




What you will learn?

With our simple and effective method,you will get to learn all these :

  • Repertoire Playing
  • Aural/ Hearing
  • Notes Reading
  • Theory
  • Rhythm Playing
  • Understand Song Structure
  • Read Chord Chart

Who suitable for this lesson?

Beginner level ( Age 6 till adult). There are no age restrictions.

Why Piano Lesson?

Piano lesson always the best instrument to start with to understand the range of notes,to sing and play.

Music is such a broad topic. There are so many different genres, styles within these genres, compositional and performance philosophies, pedagogical methodologies, and the possibilities of harmonic, rhythmic are absolutely endless.
However, once you truly gain a solid understanding of the piano, you can pretty much do anything you want in music because almost all of music can be played and presented on the piano. Even if you are a musician of a different instrument, and you don’t have much interest in the piano, learning just for your basic chords will have a positive impact on your musicianship.
Virtually every instrument can be accompanied by the piano, and many pieces written for other instruments have a piano accompaniment. If you play a melody instrument like saxophone, trumpet, or sing. Knowing the piano will give you the opportunity to  play through the accompaniment of your piece. This will train your hearing. You will be able to to hear the full piece in context and you will be able to really study the harmony and theory of the piece. 
Learning the piano will extremely beneficial , and you definitely literally feel the improvement with time.
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