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Intermediate level is for candidates who have acquired the basic skills and stylistic awareness, technique and coordination of the kit.

The Intermediate Course focuses on development of creativity, improvisation and soloing ability. Besides that there are also other essential development like speed, independence and stylistic playing.

Students will learn to play variety of music styles like Ska, Samba Rock, Blues, Punk and also further develop other music styles like Funk, R&B, Hip Hop, Metal and etc. Not to mention continuity to improve on technical aspect to cope with the physical demand and speed.    

Classes is conducted in one-to-one basis, with the option of 3 different length of lessons per week: 30mins, 45mins, & 60mins.

📍    School of Drums, Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

🙋‍♂️  Face-to-face physical lesson

📞  Kindly contact +6012-6298187 for further questions

All class shall be registered by 4pm one day prior to the selected date




We emphasize and focus on the development of the following skills:

Development of Musicianship skills

Time value: 16th notes & Broken 16th 

Learning music terminology

Rhythm groupings

Learning different popular music styles

Rhythmic phrase

Syncopated phrase

Understanding Clave: 3-2 Clave samba

Playing over the bar lines (crossover fills)

Accent and dynamic studies

Drum maintenance

Guide to cymbal selection

Development of Technical skills

40 basic drum rudiments: drags, double paradiddles, rolls and more

Drum set playing techniques: rimshot, hip hop cross stick tech, Hi-hat w/foot, Half open hi-hat, ride bell playing, cymbal choke, bass drum tech,

Drum beat and variations: 16th notes, half & double time, tom grooves, swung grooves, off beat, changing of rhythms, rhythmic displacement, displaced snares, stab fills, unison figures, third hand concept

Advanced hand and foot coordination

Speed development

Syncopated pushes and rhythms

Syncopated 16th note bass drum

Linear time playing

Sticking development: compound sticking

Cymbal work

Ghost notes

Development of Aural skills

Rhythmic accuracy and a sense of pulse

To know how music will sound without having to play it

Creative improvisation

Groove development: 3:3:2

Drum solo development

Drum fill development: usage of quarter, 8th note and 16th note triplets, broken 16th notes

Improvising over rhythmic stabs

Song transcription

Develop good intonation

Development of Musical / Performance skills

Repertoire playing

Dynamic playing and control

Learn to accompany solo sections

Presentation skills

Expressive playing

The projection of sound

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