Offline Drum Trial Lesson - Contemporary Drummer - Beginner

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In this level, drummers will learn the basic skills, master the key basic skills and eventually establish the key basic skills along with solid basic techniques.

Classes is conducted in one-to-one basis, with the option of 3 different length of lessons per week: 30mins, 45mins, & 60mins.

Drummers will build a strong foundation in playing technique, coordination, drumming concepts, understanding and playing music.

📍    School of Drums, Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

🙋‍♂️  Face-to-face physical lesson

📞  Kindly contact +6012-6298187 for further questions

All class shall be registered by 4pm one day prior to the selected date




Beginner course covers the following:

Development of Musicianship skills

Understanding rhythms & counting

Learning music theory

Playing simple phrases, beats, and fills

Time value: quarter, eighth, triplets and sixteenth notes.  

Basic chart-readings and understanding music

Understanding Song structure

Learning different popular music styles

Development of Technical skills

Basic rudiments: singles, doubles, paradiddles & flams

Essential drum set playing techniques: hand grip, foot technique, snare drum playing technique and open hi-hat

Basic drum beat and variations: quarter and 8th beats

Moving between drum voices: hi-hat, crash, ride and toms

Basic Hand-foot coordination

Snare drum syncopation playing

Development of Aural skills

Rhythmic accuracy and a sense of pulse

To know how music will sound without having to play it

Learning improvisation skill

Development of Musical & Performance skills

Repertoire playing

Accent and dynamic studies

Being able to project sound using proper playing technique

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