Music Teacher Meets Technology (MTMT)

How can you make music learning more effective with technology?
How can you gain a competitive edge using tech in your music lessons?
How are digital tools transforming music education?

Be tech-savvy, increase lesson engagement and effectiveness.
Develop your teaching career by joining Cherthemusic’s MTMT, an online
professional learning community and your one-stop resource for Music Tech

Top 3 benefits of MMT:
(1) Step-by-step tutorials by Cher
(2) Unlimited online teacher support and live consultation from Cher
(3) Supportive learning community



Product Details


About Instructor

Teoh Cherylyn (

Music Education Technology Specialist
Cherylyn ( has conducted several online workshops to train music teachers in using tech tools for music lessons. Most notably, the online workshop, “Top 10 Tools for Online Music Teachers”. This workshop has helped many teachers increase lesson efficiency and engagement. To provide more value information and knowledge for music teachers, Cherylyn created Music Teacher Meets Technology (MTMT).

Music Teacher Meets Tech (MTMT) package contains

(1) Exclusive access to MTMT’s private Facebook group.
(2) Unlimited access to lesson tutorials by Cher on 9 topics about Music Tech Tools.
(3) These topics tools on Pitch, Rhythm, Composition, Chords/Scales, Music
Games, Music Literacy, Lesson Feedback System, Lesson Reward System
(4) Online Teacher Support from Cherylyn.
(5) Live consultation with Cher via Zoom meetings.
(6) A digital certificate of professional learning will be issued once you complete all the tutorials and tasks.
(7) Lesson tutorial duration is approximately 2.5 hours.

Who is it for?

  • For music educators seeking a friendly budget for learning about Music Tech tools.
  • For music educators who wants to learn at their own pace and time.
  • For music educators with no experience with Music Tech tools.



Q1: How do I learning effectively from MTMT?
You can start learning just by using your mobile device! MTMT provides tutorial lessons by Cherylyn and you can choose to learn in your own pace and time. No pressure to follow a deadline! MTMT offers learning units according to set topics by Cherylyn. Check the package information mentioned above.

Q2: How long do I have access to MTMT?
A2: This is a lifetime access to MTMT with one-time payment only. So, what are you waiting for?

Q3: Is it difficult to navigate resources on MTMT?
No, it is not! You will be invited watch a welcome brief by Cherylyn where she will explain how you can use MTMT.

Q4: I would like to inquire more about MTMT.

A4: Contact Cherylyn at her WhatsApp 6012-9530263 or email her at [email protected] to find out more.

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