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A music business consultant is a backbone for all music acts and artists. With over 20 years of experience working in the music industry, producing countless music for corporate brands, Ms. Serene is equipped with mass knowledge to assist you in creating great brand music, guiding you on how you should deal with music licenses and copyright.



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Facing Problems When You Use 3rd Party Music?
Having too many questions about Music Business, Music Licensing, Music Publishing, and Music Copyright?

This Consultation Session is suitable for anyone who has the following problems:

✅ I have my own company, wishing to produce brand music for my business. I’m not sure how to protect this music from being copied. I also do not know how to manage copyright protection, so musicians who compose for me wouldn’t sue me for future usage.
✅ I compose and write a lot of songs, but I do not know how to protect my own copyright?
✅ I am using 3rd party songs in my video, and I wish to monetize my video on YouTube and promote them commercially, but I’m not sure if I have the right to do so.
✅ I own a music school, and my teachers teach songwriting. Do we own the music? Can we commercialize the music for crowdfunding purposes or use the song as a showcase to market for our business?

And many more…

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How to use music legally

Suitable for:

✅ Corporate Marketer
✅ Brand Owner
✅ Songwriter
✅ Music School Principal
✅ Head of Music for Schools
✅ YouTuber
✅ Digital Marketer

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Serene Cheam

More than 20 years of experience to share with everyone

Graduated from the University of Westminster, the UK in Bachelor of Degree in Professional Music, a singer-songwriter who had been nominated for《The Best New Singer Songwriter》and won 《The Best Indie Song》 in the PWH Music Awards. She has also been awarded the Didadee 《Best Great Leap Celebrity》 and as a branding ambassador for many commercial products.

Her profession in music has led her to be on the jury panel for many music competitions, such as secondary schools, colleges, and universities in Malaysia. One of the biggest events that Serene attended was the《Pop Star Idol》 in Taiwan together with many top musicians, such as Kay Huang. In 2009 and 2016, her name was listed on the board of jury for the Malaysia Music Award, Anugerah Industri Malaysia (AIM).

Director of Serene Music Academy and founder of Musicpreneur Malaysia, with a Music Production house and a Publishing House. Produces a number of commercial masterpieces such as Diamond、Ogawa、Celcom、italk、Naturel、Toto、Dooodolls、Blunnis. She is actively involved in drama series, other than that she also collaborated with many film companies, such as NTV7, Media Corp, MM2, and collaborate with top film directors such as Jack Neo and Jovi Theng S.he also work with a number of celebrities in collaboration of music works such as Joyce Chu, DannyOne, Daniel Lee, Alex Fong, Linda Chung, and Kristal Tin. With 20 years of experience in the music industry had made her a well-known music producer,

2016, she forms Musicrpreneur, with the formation of M-Centre, she works with many music schools to promote music together. With such inspiration, she was invited by Xiamen University, China to share her idea on how to Transform Music Into a Career and featured in the largest media from China, CCTV came all the way to Kuala Lumpur to have an interview with her.


►《I’m Not Serene》2007 First Album
►《I’m Not a Star》 2008 Song Producer for TV Drama of Media Corp, Singapore
►《Smoke Free》2009 – 1 Malaysia Singer & Producer
►《I’m Not Solo》2010 Malaysia first Sacapella(Solo-A-cappella)Debut
►《The Day after Tomorrow》2012 Single song release
►《Ta》+《Music is My Source of Income》Book Publication


🚩Music Director of Malaysia Creative & Cultural Business Industries Association
🚩1Malaysia《Smoke-Free》Ambassador & Singer
🚩Judge panel for《Anugerah Muzik Industri》
🚩Founder & CEO of Musicpreneur Malaysia
🚩Founder & Consultant of Serene Music Academy
🚩Ambassador of《I’m FINished》Malaysia
🚩Brand Ambassador of 《HTC U Ultra》Malaysia
🚩Council of Association 9 Major Arts and Culture Malaysia
🚩Singapore《Know Your Voice》SkillsFuture Trainer
🚩Malaysia《Master Piano》Coach
🚩Ambassador & Singer for《XtheHaze》Campaign Endorse by WWF
🚩《International China Songwriting Comptition》Music Producer & Judge
🚩2020 BritishPedia Media《Successful People in Malaysia》
🚩2022 Top 7 of Outstanding Entrepreneurs《OE for CEO026》

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