5 Days Music Career & Business Bootcamp [Online Workshop]

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Date & Time:
20 Dec (Sun) 0200- 0430pm
27 Dec (Sun) 0200- 0430pm
03 Jan (Sun) 0200- 0430pm
10 Jan (Sun) 0200- 0430pm
17 Jan (Sun) 0200- 0430pm

All class shall be registered by 4pm one day prior to the selected date




Turn Your Music Passion Into A Career

😱 You will learn about the available career positions and their workflow in the modern music industry. Learn how to monetize your music work and services by understanding the business model, music copyright and personal branding as well as contract management. 

😖 In this bootcamp, you will be learning how to craft a visioning future for your music career pathway and take your career to the next level with the support of the resources, strategies consulted by the coach.

🤔 By end of the camp, you will learn to craft and present your music career pathway, and we promise you will be able to discover what are the revenue income streams channels that are available through your business model review.

5 Days Music Career & Business Bootcamp
Open for online learning now!

Planning to dive into a serious music career for your future? A bootcamp of 5 days to support early-staged musicians to understand about the business model of the modern music industry, music business monetization as well as develop plans to grow your professional career wisely.

Serene Cheam
19 years of experience to share with everyone

Graduated from Universities of Westminster, UK in Bachelor of Degree in Professional Music, a singer-songwriter who had been nominated for 《The Best New Singer Songwriter》and won 《The Best Indie Song》 in the PWH Music Awards. She also been awarded the Didadee 《Best Great Leap Celebrity》 and as a branding ambassador for many commercial products.

Her profession in music has led her to be in the jury panel for many music competitions, such as secondary schools, colleges and universities in Malaysia. One of the biggest events that Serene attended was the《Pop Star Idol》 in Taiwan together with many top musicians, such as Kay Huang. In 2009 and 2016, her name was listed in the board of jury for the Malaysia Music Award, Anugerah Industri Malaysia (AIM).

Director of Serene Music Academy and founder of Musicpreneur Malaysia, with a Music Production house and a Publishing House. Produces numbers of commercial masterpieces such as Diamond、Ogawa、Celcom、italk、Naturel、Toto、Dooodolls、Blunnis. She is actively involved in drama series, other than that she also collaborated with many film company,such as NTV7, Media Corp, MM2 and collaborate with top film director such as Jack Neo and Jovi Theng S.he also work with numbers of celebrities in collaboration of music works such as Joyce Chu,DannyOne, Daniel Lee, Alex Fong, Linda Chung and Kristal Tin. With 20 years of experience in the music industry had made her a well-known music producer,

2016, she forms Musicrpreneur, with the formation of M-Centre, she works with many music schools to promote music together. With such inspiration, she was invited by Xiamen University, China to share her idea on how to Transform Music Into Career and featured in the largest media from China , CCTV came all the way to Kuala Lumpur to have an interview with her.

Suitable Learner

✅ Anyone who have doubts whether “Should i take music as my full-time career? Can music make money?”
✅ Music hobbyists who want to take a step further to make music a sustainable music career.
✅ Musicians who worked in the industry but wish to learn more about how they could expand their business by having clarity of monetization and business management.

Bootcamp Topics

【Additional Value】
⭕️ A well-known industry music-player will be invited to be the guest to review your business model, and you may get invested in your project. 

⭕️ A digital Certificate of Participation to be issued by Musicpreneur Malaysia, upon your attendance and completion of boot camp. 

Online Classroom

Instructor will send the Zoom Link through email & you can attend the class through any device with access to the Internet and Zoom conference software or app.

20 Dec (Sun) 0200- 0430pm
27 Dec (Sun) 0200- 0430pm
03 Jan (Sun) 0200- 0430pm
10 Jan (Sun) 0200- 0430pm
17 Jan (Sun) 0200- 0430pm


1) Can I participate if I don’t have a musical background or foundation at all?
Yes, the training content and activities  are mainly related to the work process and procedures in the industry, and you can participate without any music theory or instrument mastery.

2) Is my child under 18 suitable for this bootcamp?
As long as your child has mentioned that he wants to make music or become a singer, we are even more determined that you should arrange for him to join, so that he has the basic knowledge of the music industry before making the decision to even enter a music college. We encourage parents to also sign up to attend together to learn about the income model of the music business, so that in the future, you may also guide them to manage their music business and implement those knowledge into their career seriously.

3) I am already working in the industry and just want to attend a few of the topics, can I join the bootcamp with just the topic that I’m interested in?
Yes, but we do not encourage it. Because we hope that through this event, we can know you better throughout all the activities and help you get to know the music business better.

4) I really want to take music as a lifelong career. How can the music industry make money and support myself?
In addition to basic training camps, we also have advanced training camps and job training camps. The main hope is to let you know everything about the music business model behind the scene. You are welcome to contact us for more advance/customize  training and consultation.

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