Film Scoring 101 - How to use music to create emotion [Online Workshop]

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【Online Workshop Details】
[Day] Wednesday
[Time] 4.00pm – 5.30pm (1 hour 30 minutes) [10 minutes break in-between]
[Pax] unlimited
[Online Classroom] Instructor will send the Zoom Link through email & you can attend the class through any device with access to the Internet and Zoom conference software or app.

All class shall be registered by 4pm one day prior to the selected date




Get to Know Film Scoring

【​Open for online learning now!】

Film scoring is an important element in any movie or moving visuals. It bears the important task of expressing emotions, setting off the atmosphere, and coherent scenes.

Do you know:

1️⃣ How should music be used to heighten the atmosphere and convey emotions without overwhelming the audience?

2️⃣ What kind of Tonality, Musical Scales, Rhythm, Melody, Harmonies and Progressions combine together to achieve a certain emotion?

In this course, we will explore them one by one. If you want to start your film scoring journey, you can’t miss this lesson!

Anne Lee

Graduated in Music Arranging from International College Of Music & University Of Westminster UK, Anne joined Abstrax Studios as Music Composer/Arranger and Producer in the field of Advertising Music for 12 years. She composed, scored and arranged close to 1000 Commercial Music for TV & Radio stations, Youtube and other forms of media during her working period.

She was awarded “Best Audio” in the BMW Shorties in 2011 with the short film “Guang”. In 2013, she was invited to be the Music Director for the musical theater《爱永续》(Love..Journey). She was in charge with all the music and sound design of the stage play.

In 2016, Anne Co-founded Perfect Cadence Music School situated in Setiawalk Puchong. She understands the importance of music education and wishes to pass on her knowledge to the younger generation.

In 2020, with the COVID pandemic occurring globally, Perfect Cadence Music branched out in Bandar Sri Damansara with the guidance of Anne.

During these times, she was invited alongside with her school teachers and colleagues to host short term music courses and music workshops for International schools around. Anne was invited numerous times by different platforms to share her knowledge in music education. She was also a Judge to a few different Music Singing Competition and Music Composition and Production Competition together with Serene, the founder of Serene Music Academy.

Suitable Learner

✅ Beginner Music Producers

✅ Music students who want to start experimenting with film scoring

✅ Music producers who want different musical ideas

✅ People who want more inspiration in chords and melody

What you will learn?

How should music be used to heighten the atmosphere and convey emotions without overwhelming the audience

Understand the combination of each Tonality, Musical Scales, Rhythm, Melody, Harmonies and Progressions to create certain emotions.

Simple Film Scoring Technique (can be used in songwriting, composing and arranging.)


1) Do I need to use a laptop or certain software to attend this class?

No need, this course is to understand the usage of musical theory to achieve a certain emotion.

2) What other aspects of music can be enhanced by taking this course?

This course can help to enhance songwriting, composing and arranging techniques.

3) Do I need to have certain musical background to attend this class?

Basic knowledge of music theory will be an added advantage in understanding this course better.

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