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What is FastTrackEDM

FastTrackEDM is an Ableton LIVE centric course designed for people who are interested to learn the basics in producing electronic music in a short time. Followed by copyright classes to prepare students for professional releases.

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Course Duration

60 minutes per lesson/week. The whole program can be completed in about 15 weeks

Learning Outcome

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Programme Outline

Fast Track EDM

1 + 12 Classes

Instructor: Benson

Music Rights in the Digital Age​

2 Classes

Instructor: Serene

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Knowing to play an instrument or having some theory knowledge will help in the learning process but it is not a necessary requirement. We’ll pick up along the way, sharing tips & tricks, hacks to ease the production process.

Classes will be conducted through ZOOM. We recommend using a phone to stream the call so you can still access your software with ease during the class. Only when help is needed you can request for remote assistance.

It is recommended that you have a controller to ease the production process. Some comes bundled with software, sound packs, virtual instrument that can greatly boost your production quality. We can loan you some equipment 1st (Depends on availability). You can slowly find your own style & then pick the right gear that fits. Ultimately, the key equipment needed is just a decently powerful laptop & maybe a headphone/earphone.

We recommend a setup of i5 with 8GB RAM for a smooth production experience. Windows or mac, any is fine. However if you do not have the budget for that, an i3 setup with 4GB RAM can be used too for a start. Laptop with lower configuration do can still be used but we cannot guarantee a smooth production experience.

The easiest way is to purchase a midi controller or audio interface (selected model) & you’ll get a basic, lite version of the software to use right out of the box. It is definitely a worthy investment. If not there’s always a trial version to use temporarily too until you decide to invest further.

FastTrackEDM do covers basic recording, mixing & mastering, but the main focus will still be more towards modern composition, electronic music making.

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