Create Piano Sheets with Free Software

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【Online Workshop Details】
[Day] Monday

[Date 1] August 10, 9pm-10pm (Kuala Lumpur)
(EDT: Aug 10, 9am)
(PDT: Aug 10, 6am)
(BST, Aug 10, 2pm)

[Date 2] August 24, 9am-10am (Kuala Lumpur)
(EDT: Aug 23, 9pm)
(PDT: Aug 23, 6pm)
(BST, Aug 24, 2am)

[Duration] 1 hour
[Pax] Limit 10 only
[Format] Zoom meeting
[Price]RM49.00/approx. (12USD)
[Benefits] Video replay link, notes, certificate of professional learning.

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Create Piano Sheets with Free Software

Do you have music that you would like to arrange for your piano students? Learn to supercharge your music teaching business with this hands-on workshop. A step-by-step guidance will be provided during the online workshop to ensure that you have a good start.

Teoh Cherylyn

Music teacher with passion for technology

Cherylyn have been using music notation software to arrange and transcribe music for nearly 10 years. She uses a professional licensed software called Sibelius to create music sheets for her music students and also to sell sheets popular paid music sheets sites like Sheet Music Plus. For the purpose of this online workshop, a free software is used to introduce the basics creating music sheets digitally.

Learning outline

  • Create, save and export piano score project for PDF, image files, MP3 files and more!
  • Pitch and rhythm input (mouse clicks & keyboard shortcuts)
  • Basic symbol inputs (tempo and dynamics)
  • Basic text inputs (Performance direction, song title, composer name)
  • Playback features

Suitable Learners

Music teachers with no experience in using computer software to create music sheet


Q: What do I need for this workshop?
A: You will need to use your computer (Windows/Mac) and install Musescore software. Download and installation details will be provided after you sign up for this workshop.

Q: What are the benefits of of attending this workshop?
A: You will be provided workshop notes, video replay link and certificate of professional learning. You will also be invited to join Cherthemusic’s private Facebook group after signing to receive easy updates for the workshop. This Facebook group will allow you to keep in touch with Cherthemusic for further guidance.

Q: Is Musescore for desktop and Musescore app (phone/tablet) the same?
A: No, they are different. The computer software is strictly for creating music sheets whereas the mobile app is just a music sheet library.

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