【Video Course】Absolute Beginner Guitar Class 1

✅ This guitar class is designed to help absolute beginners play the guitar. If you have never picked up the guitar before and would like to learn guitar, this is the class for you. 

📰 I’ll walk you through learning 3 guitar chords, having the right fingerings, and giving you a good foundation on changing between chords smoothly, accurately and effectively. I will also be using a song to teach you these 3 foundational chords.

⏱ This is a 26 minutes-long online video class (13 episodes).



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Absolute Beginner Guitar Class 1 is designed to help absolute beginners play the guitar. If you have never picked up the guitar before and would like to learn guitar, this is the class for you.

Learning Outlines

✅ Learn 3 basic chords in a song

✅ Make the chords you play sound clear

✅ Develop techniques to change between chords effectively

✅ Develop good foundational rhythm habits to play in time

Who is this class for?

This class is designed for people who always wanted to play the guitar but never picked it up. This class is designed for absolute beginners. Mark sets this class up so that you not only just master 3 chords, but develop a good foundation for learning other music skills, such as having a good sense of time and form when playing music.

Mark Lee

Mark is a professional working guitar player who has been playing guitar for 13 years. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2017 and has been working as a full-time musician ever since. He has performed at several venues and events in Los Angeles, for example, Palm Springs Fashion Week 2018, Hotel Cafe, and bars from 2017-2018. He currently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he actively teaches and gigs on a regular basis.

1) I’ve already know more than 3 chords. Will this class benefit me?

If you’ve been playing guitar for a while and you know more than 3 chords, this class is not be suitable for you. However, if you feel you still have trouble from changing from one chord to another chord or your chords doesn’t sound clear, this class would help you overcome that. Mark shares tips on how to change from one chord to another chord very effectively and making each chord sound clear.

2) Why do you only teach 3 chords in this class?

This is because Mark has had teaching experience with his own personal students and have seen that when the teaching material is easily digestible by the student, it motivates the student to want to get better at guitar. In this class, Mark doesn’t only teach you chords here but he teaches you how to sound good on guitar as a beginner.

Also, the majority of the chords you want to learn so you can play songs can be found online through a quick Google search. And once you have learnt 3 chords and the techniques in this class, you can learn other chords on your own!

3) What makes this beginner guitar class different from other beginner guitar class?

Over the years, Mark has had teaching experience with all kinds of beginner students and so he understand the common problems beginner guitar players face. Hence, he has developed this lesson plan so that beginner guitar players can progress at a faster pace.

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