What Is The Music Education Community?

In the year of 2020, Covid-19 posed a significant challenge in the music education sector. During this period, most of the private music educators who are not familiar with technology has lost a number of their students. On the other hand, music schools and centres are also suffering loss as they have to pay the salaries, operating costs and also the high renting cost.

However, Covid-19 has brought a rapid innovation to the education industry. From the data analyzed, it shows that people across the country are relying the internet more even after the lockdown. Educators are depending the internet thus the new-norm in adapting to online learning.

Musicpreneur believes that a hybrid (integration of both online & offline) learning is the future trend. With this, Online-to-Offline (O2O) strategy is created with the online presence and the offline presence, channeling to all kinds of business not only for music education. Some of the prominent difficulties faced by music educators; lack of classroom’s equipment, internet connectivity or even issues with audio quality. With the growth of technology and 5G network in the near future, the mentioned difficulties will be solved.

How can we overcome such difficulties? You should ask, what can we do to improve for a brighter future in the music education sector as well as for ourselves? Well, check out seminar as we are here to bring HOPE for music educators facing the same challenges we are facing now. We believe in working hand in hand in a community, seeking for a better solution for the future of our music educations. Join the seminar and get inspired today!

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Topic 1: Together We Explore The Future of Offline/Online In Music Education

Topic 2: How to Join The Music Education Community by Musicpreneur

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A whole new marketplace purely focused on the music industry was developed and built to support all music doers. A platform that was created in 2 months’ time during the Covid-19 lockdown period, to support and bring a new income stream for music educators, musicians and music shops.

What is Musicpreneur Malaysia?

A community that was established since 2017 where music schools joined hand in hand to share information, and for a better future of music education. In 2020, the community is now open up to music teachers who face challenges in teaching and music career management due to the lockdown of Covid-19.

Our vision is to build a community that gathers music educators together, helping and supporting each other through sharing resources and collaborate in making the music education a better platform, and a better business for a better living.

www.musicpreneur.asia is a marketplace purely developed for the music industry. It allows music doers from all over the world to set up their online store, to promote and sell music relevant products; online lessons, offline lessons, music instrument, services, or stock music.

Want to be a part of this community? Come and join the seminar to find out more NOW!


Private music educators or music school’s owner planning to explore and open up to a new market in online music education business.

You are more than welcome to sign up for the seminar and it is FREE OF CHARGE. This is part of the community service that Musicpreneur wishes to provide in value to the music education industry.

You are encouraged to attend both of the seminars so that you will get a clear understanding on how the community works in helping you to build your personal branding as well as your music career.

Once you sign up, a Zoom URL link will be sent to the email address given. Just click on the link given and key-in the passcode given to join us online!
At the same time, you can download Zoom Streaming apps on your phone or laptop at https://zoom.us/

When is the seminar?​

Date: 26th July 2020 (Sunday)

(02:30pm – 04:00pm) TOPIC 1: Together We Explore The Future of Online/Online Music Education

(08:30pm – 10:00pm) TOPIC 2: How To Join The Music Education Community by Musicpreneur

Streaming Platform: Zoom

Limit Pax: 30

Date: 27th July 2020 (Monday)

(02:30pm – 04:00pm) TOPIC 1: Together We Explore The Future of Online/Online Music Education

(08:30pm – 10:00pm) TOPIC 2: How To Join The Music Education Community by Musicpreneur

Streaming Platform: Zoom

Limit Pax: 30

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